50 Self Care Affirmations For Better Self Esteem

Here’s a list of 50 self care affirmations you can start using today.

I write a lot about self care on this blog and for good reason, too. I believe self care greatly impacts how we feel emotionally and physically.

If I’m in pain and I’m also being hard on myself, I feel so much worse. The pain and discomfort is magnified. But if I sympathise with myself and practise some deep breathing, the pain seems to lessen and it becomes more manageable. That’s the difference that self care can make.

Even though I love to practise physical self care activities like yoga, self massage and face masks, it’s important to focus on the emotional side of things, too.

In short, self care goes far deeper than what you can physically do for your body. It’s about connecting with yourself on an emotional level and showing yourself compassion.

You see, many of us are compassionate with others. We may show sympathy with other people and their own struggles, but quite often we don’t extend this kindness to ourselves.

But why is that? Do we think we’re not worthy of it? Or do we forget about the importance of taking care of ourselves emotionally? Whatever the reason, it’s time to change that.

Repeating affirmations is a great self care activity that you can practise daily. Not all of these affirmations will apply to you, but you can choose the ones that fit you and your situation.

Here are 50 self care affirmations.

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Self Care Affirmations

  • I am more than capable
  • I am strong enough to beat this
  • I am capable of giving and receiving love
  • My mind and body are magnificent
  • I will heal from my struggles
  • I am an important person
  • My life has meaning
  • I have a purpose in life
  • It’s not a weakness to ask for help
  • I love who I am
  • I can rely on my own instincts
  • I am capable of making my own decisions
  • I am who I am
  • I will never change for anyone but me
  • There is nothing wrong with who I am
  • I know I can do amazing things
  • Life is not a competition
  • I can do things at my own pace
  • These hard times will pass
  • I am proud of myself
  • It’s OK to make mistakes
  • My past doesn’t define me
  • I’m always worthy of love and acceptance
  • My actions can make a difference
  • I trust myself
  • Tomorrow is a new day
  • Sadness is temporary
  • I am hopeful
  • I don’t need to change who I am
  • My opinion of myself is most important
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  • I am talented
  • I can achieve what I want to achieve
  • Time can heal
  • I’m striving to be the best version of myself that I can be
  • My journey is my own
  • I will not compare my life to others
  • Other people’s happiness doesn’t take away from my own
  • I am grateful for what I have
  • My life is a blessing
  • I am a good person
  • I love myself
  • I believe in myself
  • I’m learning more about myself everyday
  • No one can take my happiness away from me
  • I should never feel guilty for how I feel
  • My voice deserves to be heard
  • My body is my home
  • I feel safe in my body
  • I will care for myself the way I care for others
  • My life matters just as much as the ones around me

When To Practise These Affirmations

I’d recommend practising these affirmations every day, but especially on the days when you are struggling. In the beginning, it may feel strange or unusual. But trust me, the more you do it, the more it will become second nature to you. You don’t need to feel embarrassed either. There’s absolutely nothing embarrassing about showing yourself love and compassion.

Some people like to repeat these affirmations to themselves in the morning, because it can be a great start to their day. Other people prefer to use them in the evening or before they go to bed so that they can unwind and relax. So, it’s up to you and whatever makes you feel best!

If you take just one thing from this post, then let it be this.

Give yourself the same compassion that you give to others.

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