Faith In Nature Shampoo Review

Read on for my full review of Faith In Nature shampoo.

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While shampoo bars are on the rise and gaining more popularity than ever before, some people still favour liquid shampoo. There are a couple of reasons for this: convenience and effectiveness. Shampoo bars are a great solution to the plastic problem, but many of them don’t work in hard water areas. Personally, I’ve tried a few shampoo bars but none of them work for me. I live in a hard water area and I also experience an itchy, sensitive and flaky scalp. Finding shampoo that ticks all of the boxes and is also sustainable isn’t easy. But Faith In Nature do come close.

Here’s my Faith In Nature shampoo review.

Firstly, Who Are Faith In Nature?

Faith In Nature was created in 1974 by a woman called Rivka. The founder had a passion for nature and wanted to use that passion to create natural, vegan and cruelty free products that would not cause harm. Faith In Nature sell a range of hair and body products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, body wash and lotion. They also sell pet shampoo and household products like washing up liquid.

Faith In Nature Refills

Faith In Nature have used recycled and recyclable plastic since 1999. They went a step further by creating 5 litre bottles to cut down on plastic waste and help customers save some money. Buying in bulk is a great way to reduce waste and you don’t need to run out and buy shampoo every month or every other month. I used to get tired of having plastic bottles all over the bathroom, but now I don’t need to worry.

Refills are available online or you can find your nearest refill station. Certain zero waste shops and health stores stock Faith In Nature refills, which is a great way to reduce waste much further. When my bottles are empty, I’m thinking about heading to my nearest refill station.

Is Faith In Nature Sustainable?

When considering if a brand is sustainable, you have to look beyond the packaging. Faith In Nature are very transparent about their brand and they detail how they are working towards being more sustainable on their website. In short, they keep ingredients to a minimum, use organic ingredients where possible and make sure their products are derived from mostly natural ingredients. In fact, most of their products are made with 99% natural ingredients. They do use palm oil, but like they say, this is something that they are working on. Quite often, it can be hard to find alternatives that are affordable and sustainable.

All of their products are made in the UK and it remains a family business. Faith In Nature also plant a tree with every order, which is done through Treesisters. As with many brands, there is some room for improvement. In recent years, they’ve created shampoo and conditioner bars to reduce the need for plastic. However, I’ve not used these yet.

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Faith In Nature Shampoo Review

Now on to the actual review part. I will be reviewing the fragrance free shampoo and conditioner 5 litre reviews. Giving you a full breakdown of the pros and cons of both products.

The Shampoo *

A 5 litre bottle of faith in nature shampoo next to a red and green artificial plant

The shampoo is made with 99% natural ingredients and is free from parabens, SLS/SLES, essential oils, and anything else that can cause irritation. It’s completely free of fragrance, which is ideal for a sensitive and itchy scalp.

I have oily and flat hair, but I’ve found that this shampoo works well for my hair type. It doesn’t weigh it down or dry it out. While it hasn’t completely eliminated my itchy and flaky scalp, it doesn’t make it worse like some other shampoos have. I shampoo my hair around 5 times a week. My hair still gets oily very quickly, but I haven’t found any shampoo that can solve that problem yet.

What I like about this shampoo is that it’s really gentle. As someone who washes their hair so frequently, it’s important to me that I’m using a product that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Shampooing your hair frequently can cause it to become dry and tangled, but I don’t have that problem with this product.

The Conditioner *

A 5 litre bottle of faith in nature conditioner next to a red and green artificial plant

Just like the shampoo, the fragrance free conditioner is made with 99% natural ingredients and free from parabens, SLS, colours and other harsh chemicals.

I don’t use it on my scalp because this would make it too oily, but I do use it on the lengths and the ends of my hair every time I wash it. The conditioner feels lighter compared to other conditioners, but it does a great job at smoothing down my frizzy ends and detangling my hair.

For those days when I need some extra moisture or my hair feels a little bit dull or dry, then I’ll use the Faith In Nature hair mask.

How Long Do The Refills Last?

I bought the refills 10 months ago and I’m not even halfway through the 5 litre bottles yet. Considering I wash my hair around 5 times a week, this is pretty good. I also use the conditioner as shaving cream, so it stretches pretty far. For people who wash their hair less often, I imagine these refills could last for 3 – 5 years. So while the initial cost may seem a little bit high, it can lead to big savings in the long run.

Final Thoughts

I really love Faith In Nature’s refills. I think it’s a great idea for anyone who lives in a hard water area or can’t find a shampoo bar that works for them. The refills are convenient and it reduces plastic, so it’s a step in the right direction. The products are very effective and I can’t believe how long they last!

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