Are Scrunchies Better for Your Hair?

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Did you know that hair scrunchies were first invented in 1963? And while they were popular during the 1980s and 1990s, they soon went out of fashion in favour of plastic hair ties. As you know, fashion trends change all of the time. During the last decade, scrunchies have become popular again. It’s not clear what caused the comeback, but it’s likely that they’re here to stay.

Now you might be wondering, “are scrunchies better for your hair than hair ties?”. That’s a really good question with a clear answer: yes. However, there’s a bit more to it then that. Let’s delve into it.

What Are Scrunchies?

Scrunchies are essentially fabric that’s been wrapped around an elastic hair tie. Some of them are made with fabric scraps like cotton while other are made with silk or velvet. You can get scrunchies in all sizes and colours. One misconception is that you have to have long or thick hair to wear scrunchies, but that’s not the case. You can buy smaller and thinner scrunchies for thinner or shorter hair, which work just as well. Larger and bigger scrunchies are preferable for longer or thicker hair.

A pink, gold, white and blue silk scrunchie
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Are Scrunchies Better For Your Hair?

I’ve mentioned how scrunchies are made by wrapping fabric over an elastic hair tie. So, now you might be thinking, “how does that make them better for your hair?”. Well, the fabric makes a lot of difference. By wrapping the fabric around the elastic, it creates a cushioning effect, which is gentler on your hair. Scrunchies feel soft and comfortable, but ordinary hair ties feel hard and sturdy. That’s the key difference.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits.

They Prevent Breakage

Have you ever noticed that plastic hair ties feel too tight? You wrap them around a few times to secure them, but then you notice that it’s giving you a headache. This is a common problem, especially if you have a high ponytail. When you take out the hair tie, you might notice that you have to use a bit more force to get it out. That’s a sign that it’s far too tight. The problem with hair ties is when you wear them loose, they often fall out. That’s why people make sure they’re tight. But wearing your hair up in a ponytail too often can cause hair breakage.

The last thing you want is hair breakage caused by hair ties. You can easily fix this by switching to a scrunchie because it’s generally much looser in your hair. And don’t forget that it’s got the layer of fabric around it for extra protection!

They Don’t Leave Kinks

Plastic hair ties commonly leave kinks in the hair which can leave your hair looking limp and un-styled. On the other hand, scrunchies don’t leave any kinks or marks in the hair. I believe the layer of fabric prevents this from happening. It could also be because scrunchies aren’t too tight on the hair.

Less Likely To Break

How many times have you had a hair tie suddenly snap? It’s a really common issue. While this might not seem like a huge problem for you, it is if you happen to drop it on the floor or leave it behind. Every year, so many hair ties are left on the streets, which could pose as a danger to animals. Hair ties also take a very long time to degrade since they’re often made from plastic, polyester, or a mix of both. While scrunchies aren’t invincible, they can often be fixed more easily than normal hair ties. If the fabric itself splits, you can sew it together again with a needle and some thread. The elastic inside a scrunchie is less likely to snap as it won’t be repeatedly tightly woven around the hair.

A woman tying her hair up with a black plastic hair tie
Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

Can Prevent Tangles And Knots

When you wear scrunchies, they feel looser in your hair. As a result, you’re less likely to experience friction, tangles, knots and all of the other problems you might get with hair ties. It feels kinder to your hair, which is important for the health of your hair. If you want to prevent breakage and split ends, scrunchies are the way to go.

They Look Good

Lastly, I had to mention that scrunchies don’t just feel great, but they look great, too. Scrunchies have become somewhat of a fashion statement. Some people even wear them on their wrists. Hair ties mostly look the same, but there’s so much variety with scrunchies. I love that there’s something for everyone. Whether you have thin, short, thick or curly hair, you can find scrunchies to suit you.

Disadvantages Of Scrunchies

While I absolutely love scrunchies, there are a couple of things to be aware of. Scrunchies aren’t suitable for everyone and in some cases, they’re not a better option than hair ties. Here’s what you need to know.

They Can Have A Big Environmental Cost

There are many scrunchies that are made with plastic-based elastic, which is a non-eco friendly material. It can’t be recycled and it’s harmful to the environment. So, just because they’re better for your hair, it doesn’t mean they’re better for the environment. When looking for sustainable scrunchies, make sure they are plastic free and made with eco friendly fabric like organic cotton. These organic scrunchies from Kooshoo * tick both of those boxes. They are made with organic cotton and natural rubber, which makes it fully biodegradable.

They Could Keep Falling Out

If your hair is thin or oily, you might notice that your scrunchie keeps getting close and falling out. This is the most frustrating thing about hair scrunchies. It’s best to avoid silk if you have thin or shiny hair, since it’s more likely to fall out. Cotton is the best material for thinner hair and it’s what I recommend.

Not Always Suitable For Short Hair

You can find scrunchies for most hair types, but if you have really short hair, it might be hard to get it to stay in. My advice would be to buy the smallest scrunchies you can find that are made from organic cotton. Alternately, you could use these plastic free organic cotton hair ties *. They are thin and will stay in your hair just as well as any other hair ties. And the best part is they are also made with natural rubber, so they are biodegradable.

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  • Em

    I have so many scrunchies, I love them. I had no idea about the environmental impact of them though! But I have to say, because I’m going to be using them for years, I’m sure that makes them worth it. Thank you for all this information!
    Em x

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