How To Declutter Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Read on for some tips on decluttering your winter capsule wardrobe.

As the days get much colder, you’ll probably be swapping out long-sleeved tops and thin jumpers with thicker knitwear and big coats. However, no one wants to spend too long looking through their wardrobe just to find something to wear. If you often find yourself gravitating towards the same items and ignoring some of the others, that’s a clear sign that you should think about decluttering.

Here’s some tips on how to declutter your winter capsule wardrobe and free up some much-needed space.

But First, What’s A Capsule Wardrobe?

Before I get into the decluttering tips, you might be wondering what a capsule wardrobe actually is. To put it simply, a capsule wardrobe is a minimal collection of clothing that compliments each other. Many people have a capsule wardrobe for the different seasons, but some people just have one for summer and winter.

There are no rules to a capsule wardrobe and no maximum amounts of clothing. Some people like to keep it simple and stick to only 30 pieces of clothing. While others prefer a slightly bigger collection. Some people stick to neutral colours only, while some people like a little bit of colour. The aim is to have items that can be worn over and over again, so having some kind of colour scheme is helpful. Having a colour scheme means that you can easily pair items together.

For instance, if you have too many patterns, these often can’t be worn together because they will clash. Of course, there’s no rules to fashion, so anything goes. But as a rule, neutrals seem to get the most wear out of them. Do black t-shirts really go out of fashion? Nope.

A capsule wardrobe isn’t for everyone; some people like more variety. But one thing is for certain: an overflowing wardrobe is never a good thing.

How To Declutter Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe

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Now on to the decluttering!

There’s something very relaxing about decluttering and freeing up space. It makes you feel organised and on top of things. And it simplifies your life and your routine, as well. Picking your outfit for the day will get a whole lot easier.

Here’s where to begin.

Ask Yourself These Questions

When looking at each item of clothing in your wardrobe, ask yourself these questions. This can help you build a ‘keep pile’ and a ‘donation pile’.

When Was The Last Time I Wore This?

If you can’t remember the last time you wore an item of clothing, that’s generally a good enough reason to move it to the donation pile. There’s usually a good reason why you haven’t worn it, so there’s no point keeping it.

How Often Do I Wear It?

Wearing an item of clothing only once or twice a year (unless it’s occasion wear) could be a sign that it’s time to throw it out. Accept that your taste in clothing can change. Something that you loved when you purchased it years ago might not have the same affect on you now.

Can I Pair It With Other Clothes In My Wardrobe?

Even if you really like a piece of clothing, it might not be worth keeping it if it doesn’t match anything else in your wardrobe. If it can only be paired with one other item of clothing, then it’s not very versatile. Therefore, it’s probably not a great addition to your winter capsule wardrobe.

Does It Fit?

No matter how much you like a piece of clothing, if it doesn’t fit, then it’s not much use to you. I have this rule where I usually keep something if it’s 1 size too big or 1 size too small, as weight can fluctuate. However, if something is significantly too small, then it gets moved over to the donation pile. A baggy jumper might still look great but baggy jeans might be a turnoff.

Is It Comfortable?

For me, it’s very important that my clothes are comfortable. It doesn’t matter if something fits well and looks good if it doesn’t feel comfortable to wear all day. If you have clothes that feel too restricting, it might be time to give it away.

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Where To Donate Your Clothes

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After you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, it’s time to figure out what to do with the clothes you no longer want. Here are a few options:

Give To Friends Or Family

If you know anyone who would be interested in your clothes, ask them first before donating them elsewhere. This can really help someone out because they don’t have to spend any money. And you know your clothes will be greatly appreciated.

Sell Them Online

Apps like Vinted and Depop are great places to sell your old clothes. You make some extra money while giving your clothes a second life, which is a win, win!

Give Them To Charity Shops

Many charity shops are calling out for donations, so why not take your old clothes there? My advice is to always call up beforehand to check that they are accepting donations and find out the best day and times to drop the clothes off.

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