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My Honest Review of Kutis Deodorant

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Out of all the sustainable swaps, deodorant remains one of the hardest. Why? Because it’s hard to find a natural, eco-friendly deodorant that ticks all of the boxes. Antiperspirants contain aluminium salts that work by blocking the pores and thus reducing sweat. Many of them are heavily fragranced as well, which masks any potential smell. So, what’s the problem? Antiperspirants are packaged in plastic and are often difficult to recycle, so just consider how many bottles are thrown away every single week! There are also concerns about air pollution, involvement in polluting water life, and possible links to cancer. However, the latter has not been confirmed, as there is a lack of evidence to support this.

Another problem with antiperspirants is that many people are sensitive to aluminium, fragrances and other synthetic chemicals that you can find in them. Do you experience dry, flaky skin? Itching? Redness or rashes? Those are tell-tale signs that you’re reacting to something in your deodorant. It might be time to switch to a more natural alternative!

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Why I Chose Kutis Deodorant

The main reason I wanted to switch to a natural deodorant was due to the irritation that I experienced with antiperspirants. I’d already tried the sensitive brands, but I still couldn’t shake the itching and dry underarms. I started using unscented and crystal deodorants, but I quickly realised that they weren’t for me. Although I don’t sweat an awful lot, I still needed a deodorant with a strong scent. That’s why I was drawn to Kutis – they have a range of lovely-smelling scents!

Here’s what I thought…

What I Liked About Kutis

Let’s start off with the positives because there are a lot of good things I can say about this brand.

A kutis deodorant stick with the lid off, on top of a dark purple blanket

Plastic-free Packaging

The deodorant sticks are packaged in a biodegradable paperboard tube which pushes up; this makes it feel like you’re using a normal deodorant. I love the fact that there is no plastic in sight and the design is pretty nice as well.

Nice Scent

I chose the orange & patchouli scent which has a fresh, citrus scent that I really like. When I first started using this deodorant, the scent seemed to be pretty strong and lasted for quite a few hours.

Handmade in Wales

I love that this is a UK brand, so I know that it travelled fewer miles to get here. All of their products are made with natural ingredients, most of which are organic. There are no nasty ingredients in there that are damaging to your health or the environment, either.

Affordable Brand

Let’s face it, many natural deodorants on the market are expensive. However, I thought Kutis was one of the more affordable deodorants, retailing at £6.50. That’s for a 55g bottle that could last between 2 – 3 months, depending on how often you use it and how many times you swipe.

What I Disliked About Kutis Deodorant

As you can tell, I do really like this brand and I support their mission. However, I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing this one, for the following reasons.

It Doesn’t Last All Day

The main thing you want from a deodorant is for it to last the majority of the day, but sadly, this one doesn’t. Not for me, anyway. The strange thing is when I first started using this product, the scent would be very strong and last for at least a few hours. However, over time, the scent has got weaker and now I can’t smell it after applying it just 3 or 4 hours ago.

I Still Get Irritation

Despite the fact that it’s a natural formula, I still get some itching and flaking with this product, which I was disappointed by. Don’t get me wrong – it’s nowhere near as bad as antiperspirants, but still enough to bother me a bit. I think the culprit might be the baking soda. However, Kutis do have a bicarb-free range, so I might have got on better with that one.

Becomes Stiff in Cold Conditions

I first started using Kutis during the summer and it would glide on quite easily. But now that it’s much colder, the deodorant has become quite stiff and crumbly, which makes it harder to apply and less pleasant. I also don’t appreciate it crumbling onto the floor or clothes.

Final Thoughts on Kutis

Overall, I don’t mind the product. I would probably give it a 3 out of 5. I’m sure it would have been a higher score if I had purchased the bi-carb free version instead. I still think it’s worth trying out this natural deodorant if you’re looking for an affordable one on the market. Just remember that if you have sensitive underarms, it’s best to go for one without baking soda!

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  • Karalee

    I do like that the Kutis deodorant has plastic-free packaging and it is affordable, but it is a shame that it doesn’t last most of the day. I’ve had that issue with other natural deodorants too and they would only a few hours before I needed to reapply them. I also hope you can find a deodorant that doesn’t irritate your skin.

      • Karalee

        I have used Nuud (https://nuudcare.com/) and it was effective and I only needed to apply the cream every 2 days, but when I went to order a replacement pack, it never arrived despite having 0 issues the first time I purchased it and them sending the replacement pack twice 😢

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