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Bower Collective Cleaning Refills Review

Bower Collective cleaning refills provide great peace of mind and take the stress out of cleaning. Read on to hear my thoughts on their products.

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Our cleaning routines can create a lot of unnecessary waste. Why? Take a moment to count how many plastic bottles you have in your cleaning cupboard.

If you clean your home every day, you’ll probably need to buy more cleaning products every month of every other month. This repeats the cycle of buying and throwing away plastic.

Not to mention that many standard cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be bad for your health and the environment. As an example, bleach is a common household cleaning product that is known to make asthma worse. It can also cause skin irritation, so you have to be careful when handling it and ensure you have ventilation.

Bower Collective offer a gentler solution with their safe to use cleaning refills. Let’s get into the review.

Who Are Bower Collective?

Bower Collective are primarily a home and cleaning brand with a focus on sustainability. There is so much plastic waste in the world, and they want to change that. Here are some facts about the company:

  • Over 90% of their products are made here in the UK
  • They use non-toxic ingredients in their products
  • All of their suppliers meet the Ethical Trade Initiative base code, meaning all workers are paid a living wage
  • They have refillable packaging that can be sent back and recycled

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How The Refill Process Works

The refill process couldn’t be any easier. To start, you need a refillable bottle. You can use plastic or glass; it doesn’t matter too much as you’ll be reusing it for years. The refills come in a type of plastic packaging, I believe, but it can be recycled. Once you’ve filled your bottle, and you have around 4 empty refill packets, you can send them back in the pre-paid envelope. You pop it in the postbox and Bower will recycle them with their specialist partner.

You can subscribe to Bower and save 10% on your order or you can order the refills as a one-off or as and when you need them. I usually do the latter, but I might consider subscribing in the future.

My Review Of Bower Collective Cleaning Refills

Bower Collective cleaning refills which contains the pine and cedarwood toilet cleaner and the all purpose sanitiser spray.

Bower have a range of cleaning products, but I have purchased their All-Purpose sanitiser spray and toilet cleaning refill twice now.

The all-purpose sanitiser spray * is great. It works just as well as any other multi-use cleaning spray and I’ve not had any issues with it. What I love about this spray is that it doesn’t have that typical chemical smell that you might get with other conventional cleaning products. This makes it great for use around small children, pets, and anyone who has asthma or breathing problems.

The toilet cleaner * has a nice fresh smell, but I must admit that it doesn’t work on really tough stains on the toilet bowl. If you have only mild staining, it will do the trick. I’m still on the hunt for something natural and eco-friendly that will completely get rid of the staining in our toilet, but I haven’t found it yet. In the meantime, this product is still great for frequent use to give it that nice fresh smell.

I’m sure I will try more of their products as time goes on and phase out some of my other less eco-friendly products. For now, I’m loving the brand and I support their mission. They make living more sustainably easier for tired, lazy people like me!

If you’d like to give Bower a try, you can shop directly from their website here *.

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