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5 Best Cork Handbags

Looking for a guide on the best cork handbags to buy? Read on.

Handbags are a staple in most of our lives. When looking for sustainable swaps, it’s hard to know where to look. You need your handbag to be sturdy so it will last for years to come, but you don’t want it to break the bank, either. So, where do you start? Let’s first take a look at why many handbags aren’t great for the environment. Then we will explore why cork handbags are the best.

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What Are Most Handbags Made Of?

Most handbags are made from leather, nylon, cloth and vinyl. As leather is a natural material, many people wonder whether it’s a sustainable choice. The problem with leather is that it requires heavy energy and water usage. There is also the issue of harmful chemicals being used in the tanning process. For these reasons alone, it appears that leather isn’t a sustainable choice, at all.

What’s A Sustainable Option To Leather?

If you are trying to avoid leather due to environmental or ethical reasons, you should opt for the following:

  • Mushroom leather
  • PiΓ±atex (pineapple leaf fibres)
  • Recycled rubber
  • Apple (a byproduct leather made from apples)
  • Coconut
  • Cork leather

You can also shop second-hand for handbags. Charity shops, eBay, Vinted, Depop and Facebook marketplace are all great options. However, you can put cut back on making new purchases by caring for your current handbags, which involves wiping them clean often and repairing any small holes or tears immediately.

Why Are Cork Handbags The Best?

Cork is a natural material which is made from the bark of cork oak trees. It’s considered one of the best materials for handbags due to the following reasons:

  • It’s a natural material
  • It is completely biodegradable
  • Cork forests rank among the top biodiversity hotspots
  • No trees are harmed in the harvesting process
  • No trees are cut down
  • The bark renews itself
  • Cork can only be harvested every 9 years
  • A cork oak tree can live up to 200 years

Cork can be made into stylish, highly durable handbags that will last for years to come. This makes it an environmentally-friendly option.

5 Best Cork Handbags

These bags are all listed on PrimaBerry, a sustainable and ethical company based in the UK. If you would like to get 10% off any purchase, you can use the code: ecocozza10

Reminder: Not sponsored, all views are my own.

Britain Handbag

A cork handbag featuring red, blue and floral squares all over the front to represent Britain.
By PrimaBerry

All of PrimaBerry’s bags are made with 100% Portuguese cork, which is superior and highly durable.

This natural cork handbag is designed with red and blue squares and features a floral pattern. This material makes it easier to clean and it’s strong enough to withstand damage. I love this design as it’s perfect for spring and summer. Another thing I love about this bag that it has 2 compartments and a pouch for your mobile phone.

Diversity Handbag

A cork handbag featuring yellow, blue, orange and green squares to represent diversity.
By PrimaBerry

The diversity handbag features green, blue, yellow and orange squares. To me, this bag represents peace, harmony and togetherness.

What’s more is it’s a great choice for an everyday bag, since it holds plenty of space for the essentials. It’s big enough to carry all that you need, but it still remains lightweight and versatile. There’s also a backpack and a crossbody bag in this collection.

Portuguese Window Bag

A cork bag that features Portuguese windows on the front with black iron gates and potted plants.
By PrimaBerry

This Portuguese window collection which includes two crossbody bags and a backpack is truly unique. It features a range of windows, with a blend of neutral yellows, oranges and black.

I think the attention to detail with this bag is stunning. Secondly, I love the intricate gates over the windows and the potted plants. It’s a great choice for an everyday bag!

Sea Handbag

A handbag that features two red strips going across the front to represent waves.
By PrimaBerry

PrimaBerry’s sea collection features two red waves at the front of the bag and the familiar logo in the middle. The simplicity of this design makes it suitable for all occasions and it’s a great choice for daily wear.

And since there’s a blue version in the collection, what more could you need?

Tiles Crossbody Bag

A small bag that has a blue and white tile pattern across the flap.
By PrimaBerry

The tiles crossbody is one of the smallest bags available on PrimaBerry, but it still has enough room for the essentials. Furthermore, I love the blue and white tiles pattern on the front because it’s bold and unique without being too overpowering.

This bag would work well with many different outfits. And it’s really lightweight, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

Overall, PrimaBerry is a great place to search for sustainable bags for every occasion. But remember that there is always the option of shopping second-hand or asking friends or family members if they have any bags to give away. All of these are better options than shopping from fast fashion stores.

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